Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Retirement of Dr Hari Babu, Leather Auxiliaries, Mr Mohan Baba, Electrical Division on 30-4-2013

Ellaruku vanakkum,
There was a place ‘Ankoli’ in Sholapur district in Maharashtra State.  Dr Arun Deshpande wanted to do something for his village.  He went there and there is no water in that village even in 600 feet deep bores.  He thought that he wanted to do rain water harvesting system for the village.  He made a new concept ‘Water Bank’.  We heard State Bank, Bank of India, Indian bank, etc. and this is different bank named Water Bank.  What he did was, he dug 26 feet in 5 acre area and put geo membrane cover which is cost nearly 7 lakh rupees.  Water used to come into this bank and the capacity was one crore litres which was sufficient for 2 years for that village.  Farmers use to give water to this water bank in rainy season area and take back in other seasons for irrigation and other purpose.  This was successful water bank, and now 15 villages wanted the same water bank for their villages.  Banks are also giving loans for this purpose. Water will not sink downside because of geo membrane cover and mustard oil (and with evaloc chemical spray) was used upper side for water should not become evaporation in summer season.  This is saving water in both types of upper side using mustard oil and down side using geo membrane cover. You can see these links and
(Real facts : In water audit, Dr Arun Deshpande found the inconvenient truths that “By exporting the crops and selling them in the market, we were actually exporting the virtual water content in the products to the cities.” Their audit showed that when they exported one litre of milk to the cities, they were exporting 10,000lt of water with it as water was used for cattle, fodder, etc. The export of one egg meant 600lt of water, one kilogramme of mutton – 35,000lt of water, one kg of sugar – 4000lt, one kg of wheat 6000lt, one kg of rice – 11,000lt, one kg of paper – 35000lt and 1.5kg of beef meant 50 tonnes of water. That was shocking news for everybody.)

Knowledge is bank also like Water Bank, if you use, you can become more expert in that subject. Dr Hari babu is also having reading habit which will give knowledge.  In Leather auxiliaries lab almost all the people having the reading habit, I know personally Dr M Balakrishnan sir, Head of PME  is having reading habit and he is from the same section.  Dr Hari babu is calm and quiet and he is having smiling face.  We feel happy when we see smiling face and if we see not smiling faces, we feel why we have seen this face.   He will not interfere anybody’s work or activities. We use to see some people interfere other’s work unnecessarily. Dr Hari Babu was joined as B.Sc and upgraded his qualifications upto Ph.D levels because he is in CLRI.  If it is State Government we won’t think for further studies and we have good environment for studies further.  Dr Hari babu worked under Dr S Rajadurai for long time.  They do not venture for experimental research and they do only safe research which is workable and successful.  Dr Hari babu use to work in some conferences and seminars if the organizers asked for particular job to be done. 
Family members wanted to go 10th floor, then If the lift breakdown, they go by walk upto 10th floor, and they missed key of the house. At that time, we know the importance of lift.  When the lift breakdown, people will be scared like anything, there will be a alarm button, and a phone no for this, even though we will get scared when the lift breakdown.  Shri Mohan baba worked as lift operator in the quarters and worked efficiently as a lift operator.  I have not seen Mr Mohan baba talking with somebody and he is always in mounam (silence mood).  People are generally talkative and I use to say to mother’s elder sister that I will give 100 rupees if she won’t talk one hour.  Silence is a great practice and power which Ramana Maharshi and Arvind practiced for their life time. 
In Coimbatore, One colonel has done marriage to his daughter and there was so much excess food, so he gave that food to hospital like Annadanam.  Many people were hungry and not able to go out for food.  Patients use to get food from hospital but who are going to see the patient do not have the facility to get the meal.  After seeing this, Colonel has started Annadanam daily.  This story gave inspiration to one fellow in Hyderabad.  One fellow went to see abroad for his son and on Sunday in hospital somebody has given breads to patients.  Then he came to India with idea of annadanam and another fellow retired from NIMS hospital also joined in this annadanam on daily basis.  There is so much commitment for doing social work, why I am telling this, even his mother death day also, he prepared meals for hospital and sent for annadanam.  You can see this :
Social work is so difficult and every one cannot do it because it needs commitment to the cause. Mr Mohan baba’s wife used to work in quarters temple as a social work.
I Prey almighty to give them good health and prosperity in their lives.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Retirement of Dr P T Perumal, Dr (Mrs) Rama Rajaram and Mr Muralidharan (Canteen)

Retirement function to Dr P T Perumal, Chief Scientist, Dr Rama Rajaram, Senior Principal Scientist and Shri K Muralidharan, Clerk (Canteen) and Mrs Poorneswari (absent) on 1 April 2013

Ellaruku Vanakkam,

We all may be seen Delhi and also seen Kutub Minar, One Iron Pillar was there for last thousand years without rusting.  Why it is not rusting because there is some zinc mixed in that pillar, that it why it was not rusted.  There is a village named Kollur near to Bangalore, there is also One Iron Pillar without rusting for last 2000 to 2500 years.  Some tribals put that iron pillar in honour of Adi Sankara Acharya when he came to that village, Indians know how to do zinc manufacturing for more than 4000 years, nobody knows in any country how to make zinc, all over world, many countries depend on us.  There is a technique in zinc making that at 997 degree celcius, one can collect the melted zinc from raw material of zinc ore, after that at 1000 degree celcius zinc ore become vapour and went to air.  This 3 degree celcius is crucial for collecting zinc.  Indians have the secret of making zinc putting heat bar upper side and ice bar in the down side to collect the solid zinc efficiently.  One Chinese fellow steal this secret from Indians, from this Chinese, one british fellow steal this technique.  One Mr William Champian started Zinc Distillery company and started zinc manufacturing in the year of 1543 A.D.  That was the first zinc manufacturing company.  Why I am telling this story, we Indians know Science and Technology for last 4000 years.  These are all basic research techniques in India.  

Now Dr PT Perumal, Dr (Mrs) Rama Rajaram are involved in basic research in CLRI.  Dr PT Perumal sir, is having many students doing Ph.D under his guidance.  Dr G Thyagran brought Dr PT Perumal from IICT, Hyderabad.  He has done Ph.D under Noble Laurette which is a great opportunity.  We have to think why others are not having so many Ph.D Students, I know many students use to suffer under guides, even in universities also.  Some guides suffered from their guides, and they pass on to their students the same sufferings since they suffered.  Some guides suffered but they won’t transfer the same to their students.  He will not like Boss, he is friendly type, he use to help staff in assessment promotion time, he use to say that those who are not coming to office, they  got promotion, we have to give promotion who are coming to office regularly, he use to fight with and get promotions to all.  Staff use to be happy when they see Dr PT Perumal in interview. He use to give full freedom to students, he won’t interfere in their work, he use to say, they will work and publish papers, he use to sign for chemicals without any hesitation, he is more accessible for anybody.  When I joined in 1988, Top people, they won’t talk below one rank, Even Director use to talk only upto EII scientist level.   He Is more friendly nature and accessible to everybody.

Dr (Mrs) Rama rajaram had done Ph.D under Dr Gowrikasan, in those days, students to be more obedient and most obedient otherwise they have to suffer under the guides.  Dr Rama madam knows the science management that how to please the people and gets things done.  I have interaction with Dr Rama madam, about Project Students.  What she said to me is Lecturers are happy two months and I have to suffer to tell how to use the instrument and to do research later, Lecturers won’t come forward do same thing for their students for the instrument usage.  Every year I cannot give training for the students.  What I am telling here project students are also important because we have only 37 labs under CSIR, previously it was 39 labs, they are clubbing labs now a days, we have to think some kind of mechanism for project students and tie-up with their lecturers.  We have to arrive some kind of solution for project students since they are lakhs in numbers.  We have to give some important to these students for project work. She use to do basic science and publish papers and she is friendly guide, I use to see many students around her.

We can get Tiger or Lion in a net, but for mosquito we have go inside the net, there is importance to everybody in the world, Director has role in CLRI, Cashier has a role in CLRI, big job is under stress and even small job is also under stress.  Whether big or small, everybody has a role in CLRI.  Murali avargal, I know from 1988 onwards, I can say Murali born and brought up here in CLRI, Canteen people, they suffered like anything for getting permanent, When Ramanujulu time, they got permanent, he worked almost 40 years here.  He is trustworthy, sincere, he was tea maker first, when they got permanent, everybody given one post name, one got tea maker post, someone got wash boy post and Murali become cahier since he is having education.  We have only one boss, but canteen has many bosses, secretary, joint secretary, chairman, others and every year it use to change, they have to work accordingly, New committee won’t accept what old committee done, they have to work with new committee and adjust themselves.

 One Mr Naveen Krishna in Varanasi (Kasi or Benaras) after his studies, he started some social work for Rickshaw pullers, Rickshaw pullers use to pay daily rent to owners of rickshaw pullers and half of earnings to go to this rent.  (see the link about Mr Naveen Krishna's model of business on social impact) What he did, he use to get one rickshaw for Rs.13000/- and he gave rickshaw for 15000 and payment was Rs.300 weekly for 50 weeks, so after one year rickshaw puller become owner of that rickshaw. He took Rs.50000/- from a Chartered Accountant, he started this work, he changed the 1000 lives of rickshaw pullers.  Now the Netherlands, U.K., U.S are coming forward to fund this model of social impact mechanism.   In CSIR we have solar rickshaw, Minister comes and took photograph and that won’t reach to the real user.  What I am telling that there is no dedicative man or mechanism for this kind of changing lives of rickshaw pullers.  We have to see some kind of mechanism for changing lives of lower income groups.

I prey almighty to give health and prosper all these retired people.

Thanking you

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Retirement of Dr A Rajaram, Chief Scientist, Biphysics Department on 31 January 2013

Ellaruku Vanakkum,
I joined in CLRI in 1988, I know Dr Raja Ram, from 1989 onwards through Dr DLV Rao.  He was in biophysics and later he shifted to Computer centre.  Dr DLV Rao use to tell me that Dr Rajaram is nature lover and he use to go to vedam thangal for birds watching.  I asked Dr DLV Rao what was there in Vedam thangal, he told me, seasonally many groups of birds use to come from Siberia country to Chennai every year.  Dr Rajaram had the advanced camera in those days for taking photos of those birds.
Once I had a conversation with Dr Rajaram that CSIR foundation day lecture on Honey bees behaviour when Queen bee is not there.  In canteen side, one isolated deer (maan) use to come near to me and I use to give vadai to that deer which is not having horns.  He explained the behaviour those deers that Male deer had fight with each other and failure deer expelled from the group and they won’t allow to join in the groups, so this deer was isolated.  I know the behavior of deers because of Dr Rajaram since he is nature lover.  He is a birds lover and animal lover and nature lover also.
I can say Dr Rajaram is not only nature lover but also wife lover.  I have never seen Dr Rajaram without his wife Dr Rama Rajaram.  I have seen a quotation on car mirror in Kasturba Nagar “There is no life without wife”, I think Dr Rama Rajaram so fortunate that she is having such a loving husband.  
In ponds, one plant use to grow and it creates more mosquito menace.  In Guntur, one fellow imported 25 beetles from Kolkata to remove this mosquito menace.   ‘Beetle’ one kind of species  would eat the root of the water plant so the mosquitoes will be removed.   I came to know these Beettles are used for cancer treatment from Peru country.  These beetles will be given alive and after digestion in the stomach these beetles will release one enzyme to block the cells of cancer.  Generally normal cell grow and multiply 1, 2, 4, 8 like that but cancer cells will multiply 1, 4, 16, 64 like that.  This enzyme will block the growth of multiplication of cancer cells.  In China also, this treatment was given in a traditional way.  Now many cancer people going by flight to Peru country for cancer treatment since it was giving good results.
In our human body we have all biochemical reactions, today retirement one feels sadness, tomorrow if one gets extension, feels happiness.  In biophysics, they use to work silently and publish papers in journals, now-a-days scientist has to expose himself in present day world, not like previous years.  Biophysics department, there is no ups and downs like other departments- chemical engineering department when Dr K V Raghavan time, it is up and Polymer department in Dr Santappa time.  It is like constant without ups and downs, they have good relations with Chemical lab scientists from the beginning.  Biophysics department they use to do research on surface of leather, collagen.  From BPD department point of view, they have SEM facility and charge Rs.25000/- for outside people and plus some service tax on that.
I prey almighty that Dr Rajaram should get happy and healthy life in his retired life.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Retirement Function for Shri Aradhankoti, Sr Technician (2) on 30 November 2012

Retirement Function for Shri Aradhankoti, Sr Technician (2) on 30 November 2012
Ellaruku vanakkam,
My colleague told me this story.  Mother Theresa use to collect donations from some shops in streets for her orphanage children.  She said to one shop owner that children were so hungry, please give some money for children.  She used to go daily for donation for orphanage children.  The shop owner is declining her request and ask her go away.  But mother Theresa keep on asking and telling that children are hungry.   The shop owner become so angry and split on her face.   After that also, she wiped out that liquid and said, I keep this (SPLIT LIQUID) for me, please give SOME THING for children for their hungry.  Shop owner wondered and after that he realized that mother Theresa is not a normal person, she is really dedicated to orphanage children.  His mind has been changed and felt very bad for his action. Next day, he has given whole assets to Mother Theresa to take care of orphanage children.  Why I am telling this story, The first person or a founder will struggle like anything to establish an organization.  People also remember those founders and first persons and their contribution to the organizations.  Dhanakoti constructed a house in CLRI nagar as a first house.  His house is in extreme corner and very near to slum area.  Nobody will construct a house in that situation.  There is no road, no facilities and he constructed house and took me to see his house.  His house was two bed room house and also good as per vaastu.  After that many people constructed houses and now the value of ground is more than 60 lakh rupees.   Definitely Dhanakoti name will be mentioned as first house owner and how he struggled for getting roads and other facilities and the development of CLRI Nagar.  I know very well that how they struggle to get these lands, some people occupied CLRI lands, CLRI staff use to give police complaint, staff use to go to remove huts manually.  Shri Ramanujulu and others use to struggle to safeguard these lands.  I know personally that Aradhanakoti use to go and take lead in that hasty situation.
Earlier Mr Swaminathan of Gloss Blowing section use to do service for pass port.  Swaminathan died, I came to know that passport work would be done by Dhanakoti.  First time, I met Dhanakoti for this purpose of passport.  He took me to passport office, there was a big que from second floor to ground floor and nearly 300 people are waiting.  I thought it will take time upto evening 4 ‘O’ clock. But Dhanakoti took me directly to one fellow inside the office, and I gave application and within minutes I completed my job.  Why I mention here that he mingled with those persons with personal touch.  We can see his personal influence on that person.  That is his good quality.
Once my relatives wanted to see CLRI, I went to tannery and Dhanakoti told me that what are all the operations involved in the leather making.  Many people in CLRI also do not know what operations are there  in leather making.  First leathers will come from slaughterhouse after applying salt.  The first process was removing the salt. The second process is applying lime on leather for swelling to remove hair on leather.  After that there was a process of normalization to remove lime on leather.  After this process, there are two tannings i.e. vegetable tanning and chrome tanning.  In vegetable tanning, nuts are being used, and in chrome tanning, chemicals are being used.  After that leather are painted with screen painting.  After that the job of Aradhanakoti will come.  The job was pressing a design with embossing plate.  The designs are like crocodile, snake, tiger, deer, etc.  In Guntur, in shops they use to sell that this is snake leather belt like that.  Those are not snake leathers, embossing plated snake leathers.  He used to do this work manually with the help of others, one cannot do this operation three or four people are required and Dhanakoti is the person to lead the work and finish it.  If it is others it will be late, but all people listen to Dhanakoti, instantly do the work with him.  This is the good quality that he lead the work with others co-operation and finish it smoothly.  At the retirement day, we have to remind the good qualities of outgoing employee of CLRI.
His son got job in DRDO as a scientist.  I know that Dhanakoti use to wait upto 7 ‘O’ clock to take his son from IIT.  In IIT, IIT professors use to give coaching for IIT entrance exam.  His son got seat in NIT, Trichy and he got job in DRDO.  What father wants generally, children should be in good position, He is the happiest father.  Why I mention here that he struggle for his son’s education and that gave his son’s Scientist Position.  Once he showed me his son’s project work of B.Tech.  At that time, I felt that this is not ordinary project, really extraordinary project, one day he will get a good position. Working in CLRI is a boon for everybody here because we are moving with Ph.D fellows and most educated people.  Dhanakoti Is in Group II and his son became scientist in DRDO not in CLRI, his efforts for his children gave good results.  Even group I staff also, I use to see that their children got good education and well settled with good position since we are working in CLRI.
I pray almighty to give good health and wealth to Shri  Aradhanakoti.
Thank you very much.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Retirement Function of Shri M Periasamy, Lab Assitant (Garden) on 1 October 2012

Retirement Function for Shri M Periasamy, Lab Assitant (Horticulture Division)
Ellaruku Vanakkam,
We use to see in cinemas, one visitor come to big bunglow and ask gardener about Land lord or Zamindar, then this gardener will invite visitor inside to sit, the gardener comes like Zamindar.  We use to see this in old cinemas.   Big professional people have the hobby of gardening as a habit for physical work.
Today in Hyderabad, United Nations Bio Diversity conference started which is a good sign to us to maintain bio diversity in nature.  Nearly 200 countries are participating in this conference to follow what to be done in future.  Population have increased year by year, forests are damaged by human beings, so we are losing many things in our nature.  For example, frog was eaten by Chinese and other Singapore countries, then these frogs are exported from India in huge numbers, after some years, Government thought, because of frog exports, we are getting more mosquitoes, insects and malaria kind of fevers.  Frogs eat mosquito eggs.  After this, frog exports stopped from India.  
Gardening is an art, my cousin sister also involved in this gardening, when anybody asks for a single flower, she will not give single flower to anybody and say beauty will go.  In CLRI, garden flowers are picked by some devotees in the morning, then garden beauty will go, security should stop this plucking of flowers from gardens.   Garden is our CLRI institute image and it should be maintained.
In 1730, Jodhpur king Abhay singh wanted some wood for his fort building, for this his military went nearby Bishnoi village to cut the trees.  In that village, people won’t allow to cut the trees, the military warned otherwise they cut the heads of people.  Even then people did not allow military to cut trees.  Military adamantly cut the heads of people, one by one came to rescue the trees, military cut the heads of people.  Nearly 200 people gave their heads for saving trees.  The news went to Jodhpur King and he stopped the cutting of trees immediately and put a note that nobody should cut trees in that place.  These are people who follow 29 principles of their Guru Jambeswarar.  One of the principles is that one should not cut the trees and follow bio diversity.  Cine actor Salman Khan and Mansuri ali khan hunted a deer here, and these people went to extreme extent that Salman Khan should go to jail, Finally he was put in jail some days for this hunting.  This is tourism place to see in Rajasthan now.
Recently Spain Scientist invented a telomere test to know about age how long we live.  This test is going to come to India in future.  This costs about Rs. 25000 to Rs.30000/-.  Men have X and Y chromosome and women have X chromosome.   Chromosome has both ends and these both ends are now telling about our age.   This test is telling about how many years you are going to live.  There is a big problem in USA and UK now about this test.  Insurance companies want to know the age of policyholder and they can give only for more than seventy age.  Private companies can appoint only who will live upto 45 age.  There is a big problem to introduce this test in the countries like USA and UK.  (Tree has also age and I have seen circles in stem calculated for age of tree in the Forest Institute, Dehradun)
In garden all people have good qualities, generally there is a notion that highly educated is highly corrupted, only low educated people have obedience and devotion to work.  Garden workers won’t complaint about their increment or salary in the administration.  If one rupee less in big salary fellow, he will go and torture administration for this one rupee.  Why I am telling this, they are satisfied and contented life.  They use to wish everybody in the morning, we feel pleasant while coming into office, if they show their ugliness in face, how we will feel.  They wish us, even though it is not required.
Shri Periasamy is also having good qualities of all these and I prey almighty to give good health and prosper to him in his retired life.
Thank you

Friday, August 31, 2012

Retirement to Shri N Aravazhi, Sr Technical Officer on 31-Aug-2012

Ellaruku vanakkam,
We take birth, grow, go to school, college, get employment, get married, get children, get retired and finally die.  If we go back reverse this extremely, in our mother’s stomach, 9th month, 8th, 7th, and so on and finally the child made from stem cells from thoppela kodi (in Tamil).  First Scientists thought stem cell comes from bone marrow and then finally discovered from this thoppela kodi.  These stem cells are used for preventing many diseases like cancer, T.B, and many other (nearly 135 diseases).  In future it become more important because these stem cells should be preserved for preventing many diseases.  Now in Chennai, Apollo hospital is preserving these cells.  There is a ( ) bank for preserving these stem cells.  Why I am telling this because, in future, Government may bring some ACT to preserve these stem cells compulsory.  There is a necessity to our colleagues to preserve their grand children’s stem cells for future disease prevention.  Cryo bank is preserving these cell for one lakh and 3 million cells for 3 lakh cells.  These stem cells are put minus 193 degree celcius in liquid nitrogen for future usage. 
Why I am telling this bank, Library is also like a bank, collection of books.  In olden days, 2600 BC, there were clay tablets for preserving the scripts.  The world’s first library was established in Egypt.  In India, 400 AD, in Taxasila university has the first library and later 450 AD, there is another Nalanda university has a library.  In My state of Andhra Pradesh, One Shri Vavilala Gopalakrishnaiah, who worked for whole life for Grandalaya movement. He is real gandhian, lived in hut.  When Vavilala says, even Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh give so much important to his words.  In olden days, 40 years back, education is less, the importance of library is more, to attract children to study education.  Now-a-days, more B.Techs, more educated children, they do not know the actual importance of library.
In my childhood, I use to hear that veena was played by Chittibabu, but in CLRI, Nallado oru veenai played by Shri Aravazhi, even if others played the same, it cannot click.  Shri Aravazhi likes order of books, he doesn’t like disorder of books, and he is so attached to library.   His pure tamil like honey pouring in our ears.  When I want to speak on stage, I want to compete Aravazhi, first I asked four people about meaning of the word ‘varungal’.  Nobody knows the meaning of that word, meaning is welcome.  Then I thought, I have to speak Tanglish with my telugised version, then only it will reach to all minds of CLRI people.  Then I use to tell a story and link with retirement function and make it reasonable success even though I cannot speak pure tamil.  Now I can understand Vairamuthu language and all tamil words but I cannot speak those pure tamil literature.
There is a website called ( ) kuppathotti dot com for taking your waste newspapers, plastics and other wastes. If you register, they will come and collect your old papers in your convenient time since many IT people going early and coming late.  They can use this site for selling old newspapers, plastics and other things.  This website is giving employment to 20 people.
My Old colleage Dr DLV Rao and Dr T Ramasami was interested to send Shri Aravazhi to Tata company but Aravazhi remained in CLRI as government servant. Dr DLV Rao use to tell that, if Aravzhi joins in Tatas and again he may come back to CLRI, he may get good place in CLRI. But somehow he is in good position at the time of retirement.  He says that he worked late night for tamil translation.  Some people feel that this is some kind of polambal but this is one kind of saying about contribution how he worked hard for that.   If you don’t tell about your contribution, how others will understand about your hard work.  This is one kind of gene Shri Aravazhi is having and that is why he is able to come up upto this position.
Shri Aravazhi knows Shri Subha veera pandian who is brother Shri SP Muthuraman, Cine Director.  He confined himself to CLRI and not gone to political stage to show his tamil literary capacities.  Otherwise he might become MLA or MP.  Aram means Dharmam or dhanam, he use to buy clothes for needy children and he use to pay school fees to needy children.
I prey alimight to give good health and prosper to Shri Aravazhi.
Thank you one and all

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shri S Baskar retirement on July 2012

Ellaruku vanakkam,
Once upon a time, One Maharaj went for war and he was defeated by other king and he lost everything in the War.  We know asta lakshmis are there.  Firstly rajya lakshmi went and secondly dhana lakshmi went and next other lakshmis also went.  At last Dhairya Lakshmi wants to go but Maharaja requested not to go and told I cannot live without dhairya.  Somehow Maharaja convinced Dhairya lakshmi to stay with him.  Without Dhairya lakshmi, other Lakshmis are not able to stay out.  After that again he made army and went for war and he gained his Rajya back and all lakshmis came back. 
Today Shri Baskar is retiring and I know he is having some good qualities like dhairya.  I know him that he was in polymer division and after that he moved to biomaterials and finally now in bio-products division.  Changing departments is not degrading the staff but he was invited by Heads of departments to come to their departments.  He moved all the departments staff so smoothly.  Initially he equipped himself with higher education.  One more good quality is decent behavior and he use to tell you should not talk like this.  You have to talk yourself not other behalf like comments reserved. 5 months back, I thought he is having 4 or 5 years service but he told that he is retiring on july this year. He looks like young not sixty aged.
Shri Krishnaiah also worked in leather auxiliaries and associated with many departments.  All Group III people are having technical knowledge or practical knowledge but Group Group IV is having booking knowledge initially.  Even Group IV staff should go to Group III staff for practical knowledge.  This is my personal opinion.  Suppose one A/C is there, Group III staff know how to switch on and how it will works practically, Group IV staff know working mechanism of A/C which is not required for layman.  Earlier like Shri Samivel, Shri Ratnasamy, Shri Ramalingam, Shri Parthasarathy, Shri Duraisamy who are in Group III associated with polymer lab, chemical lab and other labs efficiently.  They worked for patents and in many projects.  Now that Group III staff vanished and at the same time the association with other departments are also vanishing.  I request Group III and II is required for organization and it should be raised in the forums to recruit these Groups by higher authorities.
At the age of 60, they are like 24 carat gold, they are matured in personal life and official life.  We should respect them after their retirement, now –a- days, there is a trend of recruitment of retired staff since there is no recruitment even though we have young generation.  These retired are experts in their field and talented.  One of our staff asked who is the good man with his senior colleague, then he said, after retirement, if he comes, if staff gives respect and talk to him, then he is a good man, otherwise vanditayya vandita (like vadivelu joke) means they are not good.
I prey almighty that these two retirees should get good health and prosper in their lives.