Monday, August 31, 2015

Mr Krishan, Cook and Mr Emanuel retirement on 31 August 2015

Mr S Krishnan, Senior Principal Scientist (absent for the function), Mr Krishnan, Cook, Canteen, and Mr Emanuel, Organic Lab on 31 August 2015

Ellaruku Vanakkam,

I worked two years in the canteen as Director Nominee for the Canteen Committee.  There is no post like Director Nominee, this was created by Dr T Ramasami and nominated my name for that post   When I see the canteen, canteen was in zero profit.  Mr Harry Thomas told me that Rs.25000 put as balance, but later we see Rs.27000/- due for milk payments.  Literally there is no balance in the canteen to run daily work.  Daily sales money, we use to take and buy materials for next day.  I use to take advise from Krishnan, how to run the canteen.  In the afternoon, we use to sell pulav, there is a lot of loss in the canteen, we have to reduce loss, there is no other way.  Then I asked Krishnan, how many KGs rice you are putting for pulav. He told me 7 KGs rice for pulav making and how many we can sell, again he said 70 plates, but sales are not more than 30 plates.   Then I asked why we are putting 7KGs, what are other masalas like yalaka, etc.  I said you prepare only for 3KG, if anybody is coming more than 30 plates, prepare chapatti or puri.   Like that we use to take advise from Krishnan to run the canteen and reduce the waste.   There is no other way to run the canteen, only reduce waste whatever possible.  We have to run the canteen, 

One day, we went to Dr T Ramasami for LERIG order.   He said that he will not give, then  I asked how to run the canteen without orders.  He asked me to contact Mr Subba Rao, and we met him and then he said we are inviting tenders from caterers.  We went for bidding and won and got the order.  Dr Krishnama Naidu was the Chairman, said come Rao, this is not our family function, if they give we do it, otherwise leave it.  But I went again to Dr Ramasami for Order, again he said that you cannot do it, I should not get 1% complaint.  Then I said how it is possible, one fellow say karam is high, another fellow may say karam is low.  Again Ramasami said that I should not get any complaint from anybody, I accept for the same and took the order.  The whole order was done due to support of Canteen staff, especially Krishnan support.  What they asked me, you give me immediate over time money, then we will work, I promised the same, the third day afternoon, I paid over time money to them.  Before we leave we put Rs.235000/- profit in the canteen, after 5 or 6 years went on smooth due to good balance.  What I am telling is we are bidding for our own canteen to get the order.

One Mr Rahul Alex phanikar, who has studied in IIT, Madras left his job in US and started a business for incubators for cheap pricing.  Millions of babies are dyeing because of low weight, Cities no problem for incubator but in villages, no incubators and no current also.  Without incubator, baby infected by bacteria and die easily.  He invented less than 1% cost of conventional incubator and sold 2.5 lakh incubators and saved so many babies. It operates on battery.  Our canteen is also like incubator baby, we have to see, there should not be high temperature or low temperature because many use to come to canteen.  If you run the canteen, you can run parliament very well.

Krishnan, use to live happily, always smiling, laughing, he use to do mimicry and makes us laugh, we use to enjoy what he does at that moment.  I read in the news paper that happy hormone will be injected for treating cancer disease, one Bengali from US and one from Kolkata invented the happy hormone which is treating cancer disease.  What happens when happy hormone injected, this hormone won’t allow blood supply to cancer tumors, so it will naturally dye.  Generally in the cancer treatment, other healthy cells also die, not only cancer cells, that is the main problem.  Here happy hormone won’t allow blood supply to cancer tumors, so it won’t harm the healthy cells, it kills only cancer cell.  Krishnan wife also suffered for last ten years but she survived because of happiness which Krishnan use to have.

In Mahabharata, there is a story about the hospitality.  Athidi Devo Bhava means guest is a god to us.  In Mahabharata, Vyasa maharsi told to Pandavas to go one family as guests for that house to hide themselves.  Because he is the person does athidi seva.  Olden days, some families go for guest, give food for the guest and then only they take food, if they won’t get guest, that day they won’t take food.  In India many good traditions were there in olden days.  Even today some of the villages they use to follow this tradition, they search for guest and give food after that they will take food.  What mahabharat says that Bakasura use to take food from that village. Every family one day, they have to send food and one human being.  Kunti sent Beema instead of that house boy, after that Beema killed Bakasura.  What the story tells us is the good things won’t go anywhere it gives back, so their child saved.   Here our Emanuel, I seen he used to dress well, and take care of many big fellows with so much obedient.

Mr S Krishnan, tannery also is retiring today, he also worked practically when tanneries are closed by court order, he went to the tanneries and helped to pollution control practically.  In tanneries, there are many kalvais (canal) to send water, we do not know where water goes, he personally spy on those kalvai and closed those things to reopen these tanneries.   He is affectionate person, he use to talk to even enemy, he shares his things to all others and then only he takes last.  I seen him in many exhibitions, use to talk to me.

I prey almighty to give good health and prosper to them all.
Thank you all.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Future Technologies that Change the world


I have seen this video and it is somewhat great to see and worth to see
Click on this link - 10 Future Technologies That Will Change The World

Great Imagination and what is going to happen in future
It may come reality

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Most Beautiful Places of India

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Monday, June 1, 2015

May 2015 - Retirement function to Dr Ramamurthy,of Bioproducts, Mr Ethiraj of Tannery and Mr Narsaiah of Canteen

 Dr G Rama murthy, Technical Officer, Bioproducts department,  Ethiraj, from Tannery and Narsaiah from Canteen who attended the function on 01-June-2015.  Smt Padmavathi from Purchase Deprt., has not participated in this function.

Ellaruku vannakkum,

We know nine planets in the space, but actually there are 400,000 (four lakh) small planets in the space. There are 4000 small planets near to earth.  Whenever NASA find a new planet, they use to give a name or number to that particular planet.  Some of the Indians names was given to these planets.  We know Mr Viswanthan Anand, chess palyer, worldwide, his name was given to one planet as “4538 Vishy Anand” for his contributions to chess play and his inspiration to younger children.  His name was recommended by a Scientist called Michael Rudenko.

Mr Jayaprakash, another student from Chettinad Vidyashram, Chennai, student of XII, for his contriction of “microbial Fuel Cell” from cow dung and also with cheap priced  ‘Graphite Electrodes’.  NASA recognized his contribution that if it does marketing well 7 lakh villages will get electricity.  “Jayaprakash 25620” name was given for his contribution.

Ms. Hamsa Padmanabhan from IUCAA, Pune given a seminar in inter college science fair about the attraction power to land in physics.   Many scientists were wondered about her knowledge about this and named planned on name as “Hamsa 21575”.  We know apple fall down from tree, one scientist invented that earth has attraction power.   Hamsa has also given many interesting things on this attraction power  of earth.

One girl named Ms. ‘Hethal Vaishnav’ found that road rag pickers not picking up the thick plastic covers and she asked why they are not taking from dust binis, they replied thick plastic covers has no value.  Then she realized and do some processing on this and made some thick plastic covers even screws and nuts can be put in these covers.  Thick covers now processed and made it useful.  One some planet named after her name “25636 Vaishnav”.

We are doing word documents files daily.  One Mr. Singhal was given innumerable documents for categorizing and segregating.  He invented one software called ‘Artificial Intelligence’ which computer does the same work.  His name was given to some planet ‘12599 Singhal’. 

Madhav was invented modified braille script for blind people.  His uncle was blind and faced difficult in read and write.  Madhav realized this difficulty and modified this Braille script.  This was recognized internationally.  His name was given to one small  planet called “Madhva 12509”.

(I did not tell all the names in the speech due to time, you can see the link  - I am mentioning here for information for readers.  One Mr. Sainudeen pattazhy, Zeology professor, who worked on wastes which are damaged to the environment.  He has also campaigned for prevent mosquitoes without chemicals, science behind the puja to the plants.  His name was given to one planet called “5178 CD4”

I worked as Director’s Nominee to the canteen for two years.  Dr T Ramasami was given special designation to me Director Nominee to work in canteen.  Mr. Narsaiah, who worked in canteen and do all the works.  Some guy works for tea, some guy works for sambar, some guy works for cleaning vessels.  But Narsaiah do any work whatever is allotted, he can do all works, without hesitation.  He worked without wife for his whole service. We know how we face difficulties if wife goes on tour, he worked in the fire which we cannot bear.  We bring DBT Secretary to open our canteen but we forget our own people contribution.  I request to pur a name called “Narsaiah Kitchen”, if you write like nothing wrong, it is recognition to his contribution.  We don't loose anything by putting his name to kitchen.  He used to go on leave for one month, he does not know how to give leave letter, after he came, COA use to call him and he use to say pardon for that. Mr Narsaiah is the best worker for our canteen and he worked with dedication with his many personal difficulties.

Mr Ethiraj, I know him as ‘watchman’ and then rejoined in tannery section.  He is capable in spray painting and he know color mixing, he is capable of maintain machines like buffing machine.  In  BPD, many people retired, Dr Subbarama Naidu, Mr K Chandrasekaran, Mr T Venkatesh and Mr. Vedam  and Dr Srinivasan, who is doing work become head of the section, then myself and Mrs. Geethalakshmi are doing all the people work. Because of more work, I want to relax, I use to play carom in the club with Ethiraj with other team. If we win no problem, If we loose, he use to say we lost with ‘L’ board fellows, he does not accept the defeat, he has some fighting spirit, that is why he is able give education to his daughters, all three daughters are doing well, one is in abroad, one is in good position, one is working in CLRI.

Once Vivekananda is going, some monkeys gave problem and pampered him, so he is running but monkeys are also running behind him, then one man told to Vivekananda, why you are running?  Then Vivekananda told that monkeys are coming behind me, then that man told, you have a stick in your hand, why you are so scared, you show the stick, then monkeys would go away.  Then Vivekananda showed his stick and went behind the monkeys and then monkeys ran away.  Vivekananda used to tell in all his speeches, whatever you feel you will be like that, if you feel coward, you will become coward, if you feel you are lion, then you will become a lion, so behave like a lion, everything in your mind.  

Mr Ethiraj felt his daughters should be educated and then only they become educated, it is very difficult task, I have taken education loan for my son, the whole loan is there even today, I am paying every month, he is below to my designation, even then he gave good education to his daughters.  Now-a-days, there is no difference between son and daughter, those days are gone, we have to give more education to girl child than son.

I used to go to exhibitions and explain about CLRI technologies and products.  Since bio-products are the actual displayable products which are available to show to people, I use to explain them.  This is bio-bone, if anybody get accident, bone cut, they put iron rod, instead of iron rod you can put this bio-bone, we have collagen sheet, if fire accident happens, small part of body burnt, then doctor cut thigh skin and put, if the whole body burnt, then this is the collagen sheet for skin alternative.   We have regenerated leather, we developed from waste leather and trims, we make them into powder and again make it as new regenerated leather.  We have another technology, cotton and leather mixed shirts or garments, some of waste leather spinned and some cotton spinned was mixed and made it like as cotton mixed leather and then make shirt or garment, it is half leather and half cotton, so cost will come down.  

Dr Rama murthy, I know him so many years, he worked in Keratin hydrolysate, then he did his Ph.D with Dr Sehgal, earlier the department name Byproducts Lab, after that they changed to Bioproducts Lab.   He worked in some project in tannery like Mr Saravanan said earlier. We are in quarters, his daughter come to school in wheel chair, then I came to know she fell down from second floor from 'unjal' and got accident.  He faced many difficulties in his life.  He gave good education to her and now she is working in Tidel park because his efforts.  Everybody here they contributed lot to the all these years with their personal difficulties. 

We all prey almighty to all these people, give happy life, healthy life and prosperous life.

Thanks you one and all.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Retirement of Dr Hari Babu, Leather Auxiliaries, Mr Mohan Baba, Electrical Division on 30-4-2013

Ellaruku vanakkum,
There was a place ‘Ankoli’ in Sholapur district in Maharashtra State.  Dr Arun Deshpande wanted to do something for his village.  He went there and there is no water in that village even in 600 feet deep bores.  He thought that he wanted to do rain water harvesting system for the village.  He made a new concept ‘Water Bank’.  We heard State Bank, Bank of India, Indian bank, etc. and this is different bank named Water Bank.  What he did was, he dug 26 feet in 5 acre area and put geo membrane cover which is cost nearly 7 lakh rupees.  Water used to come into this bank and the capacity was one crore litres which was sufficient for 2 years for that village.  Farmers use to give water to this water bank in rainy season area and take back in other seasons for irrigation and other purpose.  This was successful water bank, and now 15 villages wanted the same water bank for their villages.  Banks are also giving loans for this purpose. Water will not sink downside because of geo membrane cover and mustard oil (and with evaloc chemical spray) was used upper side for water should not become evaporation in summer season.  This is saving water in both types of upper side using mustard oil and down side using geo membrane cover. You can see these links and
(Real facts : In water audit, Dr Arun Deshpande found the inconvenient truths that “By exporting the crops and selling them in the market, we were actually exporting the virtual water content in the products to the cities.” Their audit showed that when they exported one litre of milk to the cities, they were exporting 10,000lt of water with it as water was used for cattle, fodder, etc. The export of one egg meant 600lt of water, one kilogramme of mutton – 35,000lt of water, one kg of sugar – 4000lt, one kg of wheat 6000lt, one kg of rice – 11,000lt, one kg of paper – 35000lt and 1.5kg of beef meant 50 tonnes of water. That was shocking news for everybody.)

Knowledge is bank also like Water Bank, if you use, you can become more expert in that subject. Dr Hari babu is also having reading habit which will give knowledge.  In Leather auxiliaries lab almost all the people having the reading habit, I know personally Dr M Balakrishnan sir, Head of PME  is having reading habit and he is from the same section.  Dr Hari babu is calm and quiet and he is having smiling face.  We feel happy when we see smiling face and if we see not smiling faces, we feel why we have seen this face.   He will not interfere anybody’s work or activities. We use to see some people interfere other’s work unnecessarily. Dr Hari Babu was joined as B.Sc and upgraded his qualifications upto Ph.D levels because he is in CLRI.  If it is State Government we won’t think for further studies and we have good environment for studies further.  Dr Hari babu worked under Dr S Rajadurai for long time.  They do not venture for experimental research and they do only safe research which is workable and successful.  Dr Hari babu use to work in some conferences and seminars if the organizers asked for particular job to be done. 
Family members wanted to go 10th floor, then If the lift breakdown, they go by walk upto 10th floor, and they missed key of the house. At that time, we know the importance of lift.  When the lift breakdown, people will be scared like anything, there will be a alarm button, and a phone no for this, even though we will get scared when the lift breakdown.  Shri Mohan baba worked as lift operator in the quarters and worked efficiently as a lift operator.  I have not seen Mr Mohan baba talking with somebody and he is always in mounam (silence mood).  People are generally talkative and I use to say to mother’s elder sister that I will give 100 rupees if she won’t talk one hour.  Silence is a great practice and power which Ramana Maharshi and Arvind practiced for their life time. 
In Coimbatore, One colonel has done marriage to his daughter and there was so much excess food, so he gave that food to hospital like Annadanam.  Many people were hungry and not able to go out for food.  Patients use to get food from hospital but who are going to see the patient do not have the facility to get the meal.  After seeing this, Colonel has started Annadanam daily.  This story gave inspiration to one fellow in Hyderabad.  One fellow went to see abroad for his son and on Sunday in hospital somebody has given breads to patients.  Then he came to India with idea of annadanam and another fellow retired from NIMS hospital also joined in this annadanam on daily basis.  There is so much commitment for doing social work, why I am telling this, even his mother death day also, he prepared meals for hospital and sent for annadanam.  You can see this :
Social work is so difficult and every one cannot do it because it needs commitment to the cause. Mr Mohan baba’s wife used to work in quarters temple as a social work.
I Prey almighty to give them good health and prosperity in their lives.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Retirement of Dr P T Perumal, Dr (Mrs) Rama Rajaram and Mr Muralidharan (Canteen)

Retirement function to Dr P T Perumal, Chief Scientist, Dr Rama Rajaram, Senior Principal Scientist and Shri K Muralidharan, Clerk (Canteen) and Mrs Poorneswari (absent) on 1 April 2013

Ellaruku Vanakkam,

We all may be seen Delhi and also seen Kutub Minar, One Iron Pillar was there for last thousand years without rusting.  Why it is not rusting because there is some zinc mixed in that pillar, that it why it was not rusted.  There is a village named Kollur near to Bangalore, there is also One Iron Pillar without rusting for last 2000 to 2500 years.  Some tribals put that iron pillar in honour of Adi Sankara Acharya when he came to that village, Indians know how to do zinc manufacturing for more than 4000 years, nobody knows in any country how to make zinc, all over world, many countries depend on us.  There is a technique in zinc making that at 997 degree celcius, one can collect the melted zinc from raw material of zinc ore, after that at 1000 degree celcius zinc ore become vapour and went to air.  This 3 degree celcius is crucial for collecting zinc.  Indians have the secret of making zinc putting heat bar upper side and ice bar in the down side to collect the solid zinc efficiently.  One Chinese fellow steal this secret from Indians, from this Chinese, one british fellow steal this technique.  One Mr William Champian started Zinc Distillery company and started zinc manufacturing in the year of 1543 A.D.  That was the first zinc manufacturing company.  Why I am telling this story, we Indians know Science and Technology for last 4000 years.  These are all basic research techniques in India.  

Now Dr PT Perumal, Dr (Mrs) Rama Rajaram are involved in basic research in CLRI.  Dr PT Perumal sir, is having many students doing Ph.D under his guidance.  Dr G Thyagran brought Dr PT Perumal from IICT, Hyderabad.  He has done Ph.D under Noble Laurette which is a great opportunity.  We have to think why others are not having so many Ph.D Students, I know many students use to suffer under guides, even in universities also.  Some guides suffered from their guides, and they pass on to their students the same sufferings since they suffered.  Some guides suffered but they won’t transfer the same to their students.  He will not like Boss, he is friendly type, he use to help staff in assessment promotion time, he use to say that those who are not coming to office, they  got promotion, we have to give promotion who are coming to office regularly, he use to fight with and get promotions to all.  Staff use to be happy when they see Dr PT Perumal in interview. He use to give full freedom to students, he won’t interfere in their work, he use to say, they will work and publish papers, he use to sign for chemicals without any hesitation, he is more accessible for anybody.  When I joined in 1988, Top people, they won’t talk below one rank, Even Director use to talk only upto EII scientist level.   He Is more friendly nature and accessible to everybody.

Dr (Mrs) Rama rajaram had done Ph.D under Dr Gowrikasan, in those days, students to be more obedient and most obedient otherwise they have to suffer under the guides.  Dr Rama madam knows the science management that how to please the people and gets things done.  I have interaction with Dr Rama madam, about Project Students.  What she said to me is Lecturers are happy two months and I have to suffer to tell how to use the instrument and to do research later, Lecturers won’t come forward do same thing for their students for the instrument usage.  Every year I cannot give training for the students.  What I am telling here project students are also important because we have only 37 labs under CSIR, previously it was 39 labs, they are clubbing labs now a days, we have to think some kind of mechanism for project students and tie-up with their lecturers.  We have to arrive some kind of solution for project students since they are lakhs in numbers.  We have to give some important to these students for project work. She use to do basic science and publish papers and she is friendly guide, I use to see many students around her.

We can get Tiger or Lion in a net, but for mosquito we have go inside the net, there is importance to everybody in the world, Director has role in CLRI, Cashier has a role in CLRI, big job is under stress and even small job is also under stress.  Whether big or small, everybody has a role in CLRI.  Murali avargal, I know from 1988 onwards, I can say Murali born and brought up here in CLRI, Canteen people, they suffered like anything for getting permanent, When Ramanujulu time, they got permanent, he worked almost 40 years here.  He is trustworthy, sincere, he was tea maker first, when they got permanent, everybody given one post name, one got tea maker post, someone got wash boy post and Murali become cahier since he is having education.  We have only one boss, but canteen has many bosses, secretary, joint secretary, chairman, others and every year it use to change, they have to work accordingly, New committee won’t accept what old committee done, they have to work with new committee and adjust themselves.

 One Mr Naveen Krishna in Varanasi (Kasi or Benaras) after his studies, he started some social work for Rickshaw pullers, Rickshaw pullers use to pay daily rent to owners of rickshaw pullers and half of earnings to go to this rent.  (see the link about Mr Naveen Krishna's model of business on social impact) What he did, he use to get one rickshaw for Rs.13000/- and he gave rickshaw for 15000 and payment was Rs.300 weekly for 50 weeks, so after one year rickshaw puller become owner of that rickshaw. He took Rs.50000/- from a Chartered Accountant, he started this work, he changed the 1000 lives of rickshaw pullers.  Now the Netherlands, U.K., U.S are coming forward to fund this model of social impact mechanism.   In CSIR we have solar rickshaw, Minister comes and took photograph and that won’t reach to the real user.  What I am telling that there is no dedicative man or mechanism for this kind of changing lives of rickshaw pullers.  We have to see some kind of mechanism for changing lives of lower income groups.

I prey almighty to give health and prosper all these retired people.

Thanking you